Student Testimonials

Gary Marcus – Author of Guitar Zero – (New York City)

Tobias Hurwitz knows rock backwards, forwards and inside-out, and has the chops to teach you every lick and the theory behind it.  Read his books, take his lessons, and become a guitar deity!


B.J. Bollinger – Father of 13 year old student Brady – (Baltimore Maryland)

Brady started taking lessons with music store teachers at age 7. They didn’t care if he learned how to play guitar or not as long as they knew we kept him coming the next week.  We wasted two years and $2,500.00. Ready for a change, we found Tobias. He starts at the beginning and teaches everything you need to know. My son learned more in two months than he did in two years at the other place. This is the guy who wrote the book on playing guitar! Why go anywhere else?


Dan Price – Student – Berklee College of Music – (Boston Mass)

I studied with Mr. Tobias in Towson, Maryland for nearly 11 years, and I really learned a lot, such as comping techniques, how to play jazz standards, but most importantly, in 2003, he inspired me to write my own songs! He has also helped prepare me for college, where I go, which is Berklee College of music, by teaching me the various musical modes, as well as the modes from the harmonic and melodic minor scales. Because of my knowledge, I was able to bypass 5 classes this semester, and was placed into more advanced levels. It’s an experience that I’ll never forget.


Dan Book – Studio Owner/Producer (Los Angeles California)

I couldn’t ask for a better mentor and musical guide than Tobias Hurwitz. I studied with him from about age 15-22 and during these formidable years Tobias instilled a sense of melody, technique and discipline that I have really come to appreciate in my professional career as a songwriter and producer. I owe him a lot and I think anybody would be lucky to spend some time studying with such a great musician and teacher! Thanks somehow doesn’t quite cut it Tobias!! You’re the man.


Chris Ranier – Professional Guitarist (Hollywood California)

I first started taking lessons with Tobias when I was about eight years old and continued for the next ten years. His incredible musical ability, combined with his patience and superb teaching skills, allowed me to progress quickly while still retaining my initial excitement for the guitar. His training helped prepare me for my time at a prestigious music school and for my career afterwards which has included session work, live work on international television and composing for commercials, film and television. I owe so much of my career and experiences to this incredible teacher and his unwavering excitement for all things music. If you want to comprehensively learn guitar while becoming a well rounded musician, Tobias is the teacher for you!


Billyjack Mast – Lead Guitarist – Miseuphoria – (Baltimore Maryland)

Studying with Tobias Hurwitz was a satisfying, versatile, education experience. When I first started lessons he helped me to develop just the skills I wanted in a way that worked with my playing style at the time. His teaching environment was always friendly and open.  He helped me master skills I was already familiar with and satisfy my desire to play what I hear. He was also able to show me how to create tones I wanted and what gear to use, most of which was readily available during lessons.  As I matured as a guitarist, he helped me expand my skills in different genres and techniques. I also asked him to teach me music theory to learn not only how to play, but why and what I was playing. He helped me develop a playing style that was both versatile and comfortable physically. I now have a firm enough grasp of all aspects of guitar playing to understand how to play what other players do and what I want to create myself.  


Chris Scholtes – Lead Guitarist – Several Species Pink Floyd Experience (Baltimore, MD)

Aside from being a phenomenal guitarist, and quite possibly the best of the best of Maryland guitarists, Tobias possesses the ability to teach in a highly effective manner.  He has a unique way of weaving in music theory lessons while teaching classic guitar riffs that every player wants to learn. I found this method of teaching very valuable and along with the clearly written books that he has authored it has greatly expanded my understanding of many things I’ve been playing for years. Directly related to my project (Several Species Pink Floyd Experience), Tobias has an amazing ear and he shed light on some of the subtleties and magic of David Gilmour’s playing which had previously eluded me. All this has greatly added to my enjoyment of the instrument and has encouraged curiosity with other styles of music as well.


Suzanne Thweatt – Adult Beginning Rock Guitarist (Washington DC)

Tobias is a patient, astute, personable and thorough guitar teacher. I often take web cam guitar lessons with him over Skype. The clear connection allows Tobias to see if the correct finger positions are used. Due to the quality of the sound, he can hear when I’m off-tempo and he helps me to readjust accordingly. Skype allows more people the opportunity to study with this master musician.


Marcella Mwaisela – Mother of 10 year old female student (Baltimore, Maryland)

My daughter has been taking weekly guitar lessons with Tobias Hurwitz for more than two years now. We have come to know him as an encouraging, supportive teacher who makes students want to keep learning more and do better. He individualizes the lessons by letting his students choose the kind of music they want to learn to play and at the same time manages to teach them a healthy dose of music theory. The annual student recitals are great fun for the students and families, something we start looking forward to every spring. He is one of those teachers you will remember all your life and I wish there were more like him.


Zach Zeger – Musicorps Guitar Instructor (West Virginia)

I began studying with Tobias at Hagerstown Community College and continue now with him on skype. Tobias has shown me sweep picking, alternate picking, jazz chords and music theory. However, he presented music theory in such away that even the most stubborn guitar player can learn without feeling like he or she is in a music theory class. More than anything, he opened my mind too new skills that I otherwise would have never attempted.


Glenn Riley – Lead Guitarist – The Reagan Years – (Baltimore Maryland)

Tobias is the guitarist’s guitarist! Simply put, the guy knows what he’s doin’. He’s a staple here in the Maryland area.

Baltimore City Paper – Baltimore’s Best Guitar Teacher


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