Go Green

Our planet is in bad shape and quickly getting worse. We all need to pitch in to make it last as long as possible as a habitable environment for the human race and the animal kingdom. Here are a few things to check out and do to go green!

Recycle  – Recycling needs to be done by businesses as well as individual households and the recycling of batteries and light bulbs is also important. Reuse your shopping bags, find clever ways of reusing other household items, and don’t litter!


Conserve – The production of energy takes an environmental toll. Virtually every time energy is produced destructive waste of one kind or another goes into the environment. When you use less energy, not only do you save money, but you also do less damage to the environment. As less energy is used demand for energy falls and energy prices fall with it.


Eat Well and Use Natural Products – Eating well and using natural and organic products helps your body but it also helps the environment. The less poisons that are sprayed onto plants, the less chemicals flushed down our drains and the less toxic materials generally used the less these substances build up in the water table and come back down as rain water to permeate our  entire environment.  The farming of beef creates massive emissions that contribute significantly to global warming. The less beef a person eats the less emissions they contribute to.


Your Lawn Matters – People really like to have green weed free lawns that look pretty. Unfortunately the weed killing products that most of us dump on our lawns each season are chemical poisons that hurt our kids and pets as they play on the lawn. They also gradually build up and are a significant factor in the steady degradation of our planet. A few dandelions don’t really hurt that much, do they?

The Science of Natural Healing is an excellent resource for understanding what to eat! Check it out!



Speak Up – The time is now to speak up!  Encourage everyone, especially our youth, to adopt and maintain good green habits. Old people don’t always change, but young people are ready to develop the good habits that will benefit the human race in the future. Help our youth evolve.


Your Car Matters – The smaller and more efficient the vehicle the better for the environment.   The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid is a four door sedan that seats five and gets 47 MPG highway or city. American made!


Help! – Donating or volunteering for environmental and humanitarian organizations is another important step. Check out the links below. Pitch in!


Environmental Links:

Sierra Club www.sierraclub.org

Chesapeake Bay Foundation www.cbf.org

Earth Day http://www.epa.gov/earthday/events.htm

Global Footprint Network http://www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/at_a_glance/


Humanitarian Links:

American Red Cross www.redcross.org 

Musicorps www.musicorps.net

Tibetan Nuns Project http://tnp.org/

Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital www.stjude.org

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