Tobias Hurwitz: “Meet the Master”

To hear the fastest and wildest guitars ever recorded РGet the newest single from Tobias Hurwitz and The Shred Squadron: Meet The Master. Meet The Master was written by Tobias Hurwitz for the Shred Boot Camp project.

Lead Guitars: (In order of quantity) : Tobias Hurwitz, Glenn Riley, Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Martone, Chris Ranier, Kurt Bell.
Rhythm Guitar :Tobias Hurwitz
Bass: Tobias Hurwitz
Drums: Marc Norgaard 
Full Notation and tablature available in Tobias’s book – Shred Boot Camp

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Tobias Hurwitz: “The Way of Zen Guitar”

Maryland guitarist Tobias Hurwitz’ CD The Way Of Zen Guitar is a living, breathing example of a Zen Musician at work. As Hurwitz himself puts it, “Like the ocean’s waves, the Zen Musician creates a natural sound.

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The Tobias Hurwitz Band: “Painted Sky”

The Tobias Hurwitz Band Presents “Painted Sky”.

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Terry Gourley with Tobias Hurwitz: “Dreamer”

Dreamer, singer/songwriter Terry Gourley’s sophomore effort features Tobias Hurwitz on lead guitar as well as cameos from: SONiA Disappear Fear, Michael Raitzyk, Glenn Riley and Daniel Price!

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