Free Annual Recital

Each year in the month of May, Tobias Hurwitz hosts a free guitar, bass and ukulele recital at a venue in Towson, Maryland.  The venue always has a wonderful menu and a full bar and coffee shop, so friends and family can have a relaxing evening while enjoying some great music and waiting to play.

The recital is not required and it hardly feels like a recital at all. There is a live band hired to accompany the students on any song they want to play and they choose their own music in advance or improvise on the spot. A student may play solo, as a duet with Tobias or a friend, or with the hired band or with their own band. Since the venue is open to the public, in some ways the event feels a bit like a “gig” to the students.

Take guitar or ukulele lessons in Towson, Maryland or over skype, zoom, face time, or jamkazam with Baltimore’s best guitar teacher, Tobias Hurwitz. Study with the guy who wrote the book on rock guitar! Experience Baltimore Rock Fest rock music camp with Tobias Hurwitz!